Custom Homebuilders' Solutions (CHS)

Job Costing, Full Accounting, and Profit Management Software

What Will Your Investment Be? (keep reading...)

CHS Customers tell us all the time that their return value from CHS is amazing!
"I got the sale because of the professional CHS proposals I showed the buyer! "
"CHS alerted me that I was about to overpay the plumber by $5,000 dollars!"
"CHS tracked all of my Change Orders and showed us what was owed by the home buyer before closing!"
"CHS quickly calculated the buyer's overages on Allowances so that I could collect them from the buyer."
"The alerts from CHS about a Trade's insurance expiration has saved me thousands at audit time."
"The time and money saved by using CHS returns its value every day!"
"The professional reputation I've gained has increased my business relationships, which is invaluable." 


You will use your own web browser to access CHS. Our web-based software provides YOU with the following benefits:

  • Multiple users can work from home, while traveling, in the field, in the office, or from different offices!
  • Have multiple users WITHOUT purchasing networking equipment and maintaining a networking system.  Let us handle the private, secure, and protected networking for you.
  • No software installation hassles!  We handle updates, maintenance, servers, and backups for you!
  • Your data is protected and BACKED UP.  Since your data is stored on our servers at Rackspace, and is backed up to other servers, your CHS data will not be lost if your computers break down or are stolen.  (If you like, you can download your data so there is a backup in your office, too.)
  • If you authorize our support staff to log on and review your data with you, it is much easier for us to help you!

Since the CHS software is provided via the web, we are able to provide you with an affordable monthly subscription service that includes full technical support, training videos and help documents, and upgrades.  This means you do not have to invest thousands up front to purchase a comparable job costing and accounting software in addition to paying ongoing support, training, and upgrade fees.

NOTE:  There is NO locked in contract.

Investment In CHS:   Subscription Fee Structure

Up Front Investment (one time):   $750.00 (For Setup Time and Up Front Full Support As You Learn)

Flat Monthly Subscription Fee:   $50.00 flat per month (For server space, maintenance, bandwidth, backups, CHS ugrades, etc.)

Monthly User Fees:  $40.00 per user per month - Up to 5 users, if over 5, fee is $35.00 per user per month   (For unlimited support for each user.)    NOTE:  For users added after initial setup, there is a setup fee of $35.00 per user.

Additional Company Files:  Must be for companies owned by the same owners as the original company.  Additional company files are issued for a one time fee of $250.00 each.  The ongoing monthly storage and maintenance fee for each additional company file (over one) is $30.00 per month.

Fee Calculations

One Time Investment Fee: $750.00 (For Setup Time And Up Front Full Support As You Learn)

Ongoing monthly fees:

1 User:    $50 flat monthly subscription fee + $40 (1 user at $40/mo) = $90.00 (per month)

2 Users:  $50 flat monthly subscription fee + $80 (2 users at $40/mo) = $130.00 (per month)

3 Users:  $50 flat monthly subscription fee + $120 (3 users at $40/mo) = $170.00 (per month)

...... Add $40 per month for each additional user up to five users.  Over 5 users, user fees drop to $35 per all users per month.

6 Users:  $50 flat monthly subscription fee + $210 (6 users at $35/mo) = $260.00 (per month)

...... Add $35 per month for each additional user if over five users.

NOTE:  If you have additional company files for same owner and users, the monthly fee will increase by $30.00 per month for each additional file over one.  (User fees do NOT increase.)