Custom Homebuilders' Solutions (CHS)

Job Costing, Full Accounting, and Profit Management Software

CHS - Just Some Of Our Home Builder Testimonials

Carol King is a great accounting software developer. Carol has helped our business in so many ways. CHS has been an indispensable tool for our company, Oliver Custom Homes LLC. CHS is so user friendly that even I can understand where we stand financially. The home building process is a challenge in itself, but CHS helps me become accountable to our clients and project professionalism and confidence. You Rock Carol!!!
— Matt Oliver, Oliver Custom Homes
CHS is 100% geared toward contractors. One thing I like is that it has so many different reports that can be generated. The “logic” behind how it is written is parallel with “best practices” of running a successful home building or remodeling company. It’s written to help you make money! CHS is very strong in accounting. The job cost features and reports are great. It does the basics, like lien waivers or flag you when a sub’s insurance has expired, or you are about to go over budget on a particular cost. Change Orders and PO’s are a big part of CHS. You can do Variance PO’s too. There is a particular view called “Estimated Costs at Completion” that in one screen shot tells you an immense amount of information about a job. You see the budget, PO’s, variances, and actual costs for all line items, and can drill down to analyze them.

Best builder software in the world! Pretty amazing that Carol could have written something that works so well for an entire industry. It’s like opening boxes of ‘Cracker Jacks’. Even after months of using CHS, I find new surprises all the time. I had no idea how much CHS would do for me when I bought it. I used Build Soft for years and am amazed at how much more information CHS provides me.
— Allan Edwards, Allan Edwards Builder
Carol has developed an excellent software package for the custom home building market. I’ve been using her software since 2003 to run my business.....budgeting a job and keeping up with expenses is a breeze and my book keepers job is equally as easy to keep bills input and paid. When we need assistance of any type, Carol is just a phone call away and she goes out of her way to make sure all questions are answered to our complete understanding. The CHS web service allows me the flexibility of taking my work with me anywhere I go.....I highly recommend you consider this option of CHS.
— Shayne Schroeder, Shayne Shroeder Custom Homes
CHS has helped to transform our business into a more efficient, profitable and successful enterprise. Butler Brothers Construction went from using a combination of Quickbooks and excel programs that did not work together and created a lot of work to have the kind of reporting we get very easily with CHS and so much more. I strongly believe that CHS has been the key to our company coming through a couple of rough years in a strong position and we don’t even use nearly all CHS’s capability. I have been recommending CHS to everyone I know. You have to try it no matter how big your company is.
— Scott Butler, Butler Brothers Construction
We worked with Carol to implement CHS in our company. Carol was excellent to deal with every step of the way throughout the process. In many cases, its not only the product that one provides, but the people behind it that make the difference. This is absolutely true with regards to Carol. It’s a pleasure to call Carol a partner and I give our full recommendation for Carol and CHS.
— Tony Holt, Zbranek and Holt Custom Homes
I have used Custom Homebuilders’ Solutions Accounting and Job Management Software for years. It’s highly specialized for Custom Home Builders. There is no other product more tailored to the small and medium sized custom home builder than this product. I highly recommend it.
— Trey Garner, Garner Custom Homes, LLC
I have used CHS for years and it has been a great asset to my company. Estimating, job costing, draws, accounting etc., it does it all. Carol has been a huge help and is always right there with support. I wouldn’t consider any other software. Thanks for everything Carol!
— Charlie Cooper, Cooper Homes
I have used Carol’s Custom Homebuilders’ Solutions (CHS) accounting program for a few years now and I am extremely satisfied with the results. Carol is also very good at customer support and was quick to respond with any questions I had in transitioning from my former accounting program. I highly recommend Carol and her CHS software program.

P.S. As I was entering bids from trades and suppliers this morning into CHS, I was thinking that if I had known how many features there are for the builder to project and manage job costs in CHS, I would have purchased the program a lot sooner.
— Randy Maas, Maas Construction