About Us

CHS Software was born from the need of a customizable accounting solution that could match the needs of Home Builders.

About CHS Software

Complete accounting solution for custom home builders.

Effective SYSTEMS provide the best route for reducing stress, and balancing your life. CHS is a POWERFUL software that will play the important role of integrating your information into a smooth, understandable, and effective system. Building custom homes is a complicated record-keeping business and CHS is designed specifically for your industry. You WILL be required to satisfy your home buyers, lenders, accountants, insurance auditors, trades, suppliers, AND your staff with useful information. Let us simplify all of it for you by providing the tools you WILL need to manage your business, satisfy outsiders, and increase profits!

CHS is flexible for builders with different types and styles of jobs! It’s purpose is to combine accounting and job cost data into one program for instant access to essential information needed by the builder/owner, project managers, and the accounting staff. It is meant as a ‘HANDS ON’ tool for everyone to use. Enter a bill to pay in accounting ONE TIME, mark it with a job and cost code, and the information is instantly available on the job cost and variance reports the builder needs… (WITHOUT spending hours creating outside spreadsheets to analyze your job costs). The builder, or project managers, will enjoy the Job Budgeting/Estimating, Purchase Orders, Change Orders, Costs Approval for Payment, and Job Cost Analysis features and reports. The bookkeeper / accountant will like the full and flexible accounting features that provide tools for quick research and production of financial reporting and records.

The number ONE reason businesses fail is due to a lack of financial control. As a custom home builder, your customers are spending a large amount of money on their homes, and are generally sophisticated and technology savvy. They WILL expect you to have financial accountability, and to direct your company efficiently. To meet the expectations of your customers, AND others with influence on your company, your system for producing accurate and understandable financial, job cost, and management reports needs to be the most structured part of your business.

CHS was developed by Carol A King and is built from practical hands-on experience in the home building industry. Carol’s degree and background are in accounting with honors and application design. She has 25+ years of experience in back office consulting for HUNDREDS of home builders, including over 21 years of 100% dedication to the CHS software project. CHS combines Carol’s back-office, hands-on experience with dozens of builders’ input and wish lists. Using the tools in CHS is like hiring the staff member you’ve been needing to help manage your company effectively. 

I am dedicated to working directly with CHS customers, listening to their needs, and helping them build their reputations as accountable and professional custom home builders...... in any way I can.
Carol King