CHS Seminar Lesson 2: Setup Jobs And Their Specs

This seminar section will be about setting up jobs in CHS that will be used throughout the program. The video includes marking what department (or division) a job is in, like Custom Homes, Specs, Remodeling, Rentals, etc. There ARE financial statements and general ledgers in CHS that can be produced for each department, and even for 1 job. The video will ALSO show that there is a PLANS ROOM for every job that holds uploaded plans for the job that can easily be sent to trades and suppliers. How to enter various spec measurements and quantities for the job that will populate quantities for cost centers when opening a new job budget (or estimate). ALSO includes how to set up a portal for your home buyer customer where those customers can see various things that you authorize them to see (like photos, plans, draw requests, change orders, contract balances, job costs, etc.).