CHS Seminar Lesson 3: Job Budgets Estimates And Proposals

This video includes information about preparing a new Job Budget (or Job Estimate), setting a Price, and preparing a Job Proposal that will impress your prospective customer and help you get that job! It shows how you can start a new budget by bringing in all the cost centers from your master OR by copying budgets from other template budgets. The video ALSO shows how to budget for a cost center by using Items behind the cost center, or by using Bids From Trades or Suppliers, or by drilling down to review historical averages for other similar jobs. How to mark certain budget lines as Allowances (or Options), prepare an Allowance Agreement, and track Allowance Variances to add or remove from the Contract Price. The video concludes by showing Budget Proposals based on the Contract Type for the job, like Fixed Contract, Costs Plus Builder Fee, or Costs Plus Markup, and explains the difference between those types.